Remembrance means action!* Take to the streets on the 9th of November against racism, antiromaism and PRO NRW! United, determined and in solidarity!

The right wing splinter party PRO NRW wants to hold two manifestations in Duisburg on the 9th of November, the 75. anniversary of the Novemberpogrome. PRO NRW wants to spread it’s bigoted propaganda in Neumühl as well as in Rheinhausen and continues to try to tie in with the racist sentiment of some of the residents.

Fight racism – solidarity with all refugees!

For months now Duisburg has been the scene of a racist campaign, in which local politicians, the police and the media feed lines to racists and neo-Nazis, which in turn continue to fuel the racist atmosphere. Several residents in the district of Rheinhausen create a hateful atmosphere against Roma from Bulgaria, Romania and other countries living in the houses “In den Peschen 3-5”. Some even resorted to death threats. Both residents and PRO NRW organized manifestations where they clearly positioned themselves against Roma with racist speeches.
At a house in Homberg, with most of the tenants being Roma, there was an act of arson following these events – luckily no one was seriously harmed. The investigation under the suspicion of malicious arson is still ongoing.

Last month roughly 200 residents cheered on the racist slogans of PRO NRW in the district Neumühl, while the party held a manifestation gitating against plans to turn the Barbara hospital into a home for refugees. PRO NRW seems to have met the mood of the residents, which had already agitated against the planned accommodation on the Internet and in the streets.

The police‘ and the local council’s reaction has consisted of inaction, belittlement and a lack of informational policy. Again and again they have been trying to criminalize the people living in “In den Peschen” and their supporters.

These conditions are reminiscent of the early 90s debates, followed by a series of arson attacks on refugee homes and houses of migrants all over Germany. Facing this background we consider it unbearable that PRO NRW continues to fuel the racist atmosphere on the 9th of November in Duisburg.

We oppose incendiary talk and make it very clear: Asylum and freedom of movenment is a human right.
We demand: an end to repression and racist controls and harassment!

Come to Neumühl and set a signal together with us at the antiracist demonstration.
Let us take to the streets in solidarity and prevent the manifestations of PRO NRW! Bring your friends, banners and signs!

Against racism, antiromaism and the incendiary talk of PRO NRW!

* With our slogan we follow the plea of Esther Bejarano. The 86 year old antifascist experienced the largest antisemitic pogroms in Germany as a young girl and is still active against neo-Nazis today.